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At Illinois Behavioral Health Group, we know your time and energy are limited resources; that’s why we offer an affordable, convenient, and easy to use our Telehealth therapy option that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your living room. When stress prevents you from managing pressures at work, maintaining your physical health, or balancing important personal relationships, the quality of your satisfaction and productivity from day to day can be compromised. Virtual therapy at Illinois Behavioral Health Group can help you to meet your needs AND skip the commute to the therapy office altogether. If you are coping with a mobility-limiting disability or injury, are experiencing inflexible work hours, are caring for an individual that is dependent upon your attendance at home, or are simply caught off guard with inclement weather, our clinicians are ready to help you secure convenient therapeutic support whenever and wherever you need it most.

Is Telehealth the right choice for me?

Are you uncomfortable with waiting rooms? Do you have difficulty traveling? Are you struggling with relationships, your mood, anxiety, or other personal challenges but find yourself too busy, too restricted, or too embarrassed to come for an in-person therapy session? Do you feel that talking to a specialist about your problems can help you to understand and manage your current situation better? Then Telehealth is the right choice for you!

How do I set up a Telehealth session?

Set up is easy! To setup an appointment with any of our highly qualified therapists, please click here. Make sure that your computer has video capability so that you and your therapist can see each other. Once you have met with your therapist for the first time, you can arrange for another meeting with him/her directly.

Will my therapy be confidential?

Absolutely. Our Telehealth services are 100% HIPAA compliant, which means that we offer completely confidential care that is approved by federal privacy standards for therapeutic intervention. Your video will not be recorded or archived, and your clinician will be meeting with you from a secure and private location.

How much do Telehealth sessions cost?

Insurance covers Telehealth services.

How often can I use Telehealth services?

It all depends upon the therapy agreement that you have established with your clinician. Usually, Telehealth mirrors face-to-face therapy services, so we recommend once a week on average. Telehealth can also serve as a supplemental to in-person therapy services whenever needed.

Let Illinois Behavioral Health Group offer you an effortless way to access superior quality services, so that you can return to your day feeling refreshed and supported.

Telehealth services are not targeted towards clients that are in crisis. Please seek a crisis hotline or a nearby hospital emergency room immediately if you feel you or a loved one are facing an emergency.