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Illinois Behavioral Health Group manages all of the administrative responsibilities associated with your care including paperwork, communication, and billing so that you can focus on your reasons for coming in to see us. We offer services in English, Spanish, Italian, Hindi and Bengali in order to best meet your therapeutic needs. Illinois Behavioral Health Group has taken the liberty to answer a series of commonly asked questions regarding the process and set up of services. Feel free to contact us with any other inquiries or requests.

How do I know if I need therapy? What is the goal of therapy?

Therapy is a tool that helps you to be your best self. It empowers you to be independent and successful by minimizing the obstacles in your path. If certain life circumstances, relationships, or personal limitations are preventing you from reaching your potential, the right kind of therapeutic intervention can help you to get back on track.

What type of patients do you see at Illinois Behavioral Health Group?

We see patients across the lifespan, from young children to older adults.

What treatments do you offer?

Illinois Behavioral Health Group offers virtual and in-person individual, couples, family, and play therapy as well as psychological and neuropsychological testing.

What psychological issues do you treat?

Illinois Behavioral Health Group is a generalist practice, which means that we offer therapeutic supports for a wide range of needs such as depression, anxiety, relational concerns, life transitions, phobias, behavioral management, anger, and the resolution of grief and trauma, amongst other culprits of personal distress. For more detailed information about the conditions that we treat, please click here to read more.

How long is an appointment and how often do I need to come to the office?

A typical appointment lasts about 53 minutes. It is encouraged that you meet with your therapist an average of once a week.

What is a treatment plan and how long will it last?

Treatment plans are a plan of action regarding your personal therapeutic process. Your treatment plan will serve as a roadmap to your therapist regarding how to better help you to achieve your therapeutic goals. Treatment plans can span from a few months to several years. You will make this plan together with your therapist.

Will Illinois Behavioral Health Group diagnose me?

Yes. In order to create a treatment plan, you will usually receive a diagnosis. Your psychologist will perform an assessment to suggest what your diagnosis will be. Illinois Behavioral Health Group also offers opportunities for psychological testing in order to assess your challenges in greater detail with reliable accuracy.

What will the first meeting be like?

In the first meeting, you will meet your therapist where he or she will conduct an initial interview (otherwise known as a diagnostic evaluation). The purpose of this meeting is to provide basic information that will help orient your therapist around the reasons why you are seeking our services. Typical information gathered in the diagnostic evaluation includes a family history, information about your current concerns, social relationships, and mood. The diagnostic evaluation provides an opportunity for your therapist to develop a treatment plan that is appropriate for your needs.

How do I make my first appointment?

Our intake coordinator will arrange your initial appointment. Please call our main number at (847) 329-9210 in order to set up your initial appointment. We will obtain your basic demographics and insurance information, and link you with an appropriate clinician for your first meeting. Illinois Behavioral Health Group will check your insurance benefits in order to establish the copayment requirements or deductibles that have been assigned to your health insurance coverage.

What types of insurance does Illinois Behavioral Health Group accept? How should I pay for Illinois Behavioral Health Group services?

Most behavioral health services are covered by insurance. While the amount of insurance coverage may vary, there will likely be a copayment involved with each therapy session that is determined by your insurance provider. Illinois Behavioral Health Group accepts most major insurances and all forms of payment. Our intake coordinator will work with you to find out exactly what your service costs will be. While most major insurance companies cover our services, some are not yet accepted at Illinois Behavioral Health Group; for these patients, Illinois Behavioral Health Group may be able to utilize your out of network benefits.

Will you communicate with my insurance company or do I have to manage my care them directly?

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it. Illinois Behavioral Health Group makes it easy for you so that you can focus on the reasons why you came to us in the first place. We’ll let you know when we need more information.

Do I need to bring anything to my first appointment?

Just bring yourself, your insurance card, and a photo ID. We additionally ask that you fill out some basic registration documents prior to your first meeting. Forms can be found in the patient portal section of our website or in any one of our four offices. Please arrive 20 minutes early to your first appointment and be prepared to pay your copayment if you have one.

If I can’t make it to the office, can I use Telehealth?

Yes, of course, that’s why we created it! Just know that many but not all health insurance companies cover Telehealth services. To find out more about our Telehealth options, please click here.

How far in advance do I need to contact Illinois Behavioral Health Group in order to change or cancel my appointment?

Illinois Behavioral Health Group prides itself in offering unparalleled quality of service that is reliable and consistent. We ask that our patients reschedule or cancel their appointments 48 hours in advance in order to avoid a late fee.

How can I prepare my child for receiving services at Illinois Behavioral Health Group?

We recommend that parents explain briefly why they feel therapeutic services are important to their children prior to their first session. A simple description of what therapy services are like, including that therapy’s goal is to help your child to feel better and realize his or her best potential, that therapy takes more than one visit to Illinois Behavioral Health Group, and involves self expression through talking and occasionally through play therapy, is often more than adequate. Let your child know that everyone will get a chance to talk in the therapy room.

Will my culture, race, and religion be respected at Illinois Behavioral Health Group?

No question about it. Illinois Behavioral Health Group's goal is to help you to feel comfortable and satisfied with your therapeutic experience. Illinois Behavioral Health Group selects only the finest therapists to serve you and your loved ones with respect, patience, and dignity. Feel free to voice any concerns that you may have regarding this topic with your therapist or with our intake coordinator.

Does Illinois Behavioral Health Group prescribe pharmaceutical medication?

No , we do not have a psychiatrist on staff who can prescribe medication.

Will you communicate about my care with my psychiatrist or family doctor?

Gladly. Illinois Behavioral Health Group prefers to ensure that your team of providers is well informed regarding your care so that they can best meet your needs. With your permission, your therapist at Illinois Behavioral Health Group will briefly touch base with your medical and psychiatric provider.

How does Illinois Behavioral Health Group store my information? What information does Illinois Behavioral Health Group share with others regarding my case and will I be notified about it?

Your medical records will be maintained with the highest level of confidentiality. Illinois Behavioral Health Group only releases information about you when you agree to it.

Will my insurance company know that I am receiving services from Illinois Behavioral Health Group?

Your insurance company will know about your services at Illinois Behavioral Health Group. Your insurance company pays for a large percentage of your care and therefore will have basic information about the services that you are receiving at Illinois Behavioral Health Group.