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Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessments

Psychological assessments aim to measure aspects of a client’s cognitive abilities, behavioral patterns, and emotional functioning. Testing helps to target any potential needs for therapy or school/work accommodations by establishing an appropriate psychological diagnosis; it also helps to coordinate care with your doctors or any other agency that may require your most up to date psychological information. A comprehensive evaluation can take anywhere between several hours to multiple days, depending upon the type of testing needed. Typically, a one-hour initial diagnostic interview is followed by a customized psychological evaluation on a separate day. After the evaluation has been completed, patients will be invited to participate in a feedback session along with their therapist in order to review the final results of their testing. At this time, the therapist and patient will discuss the therapist’s follow-up treatment plans or clinical recommendations along with the patient’s impressions of the test results. Testing services can help to facilitate a better sense of understanding between a client and his/her environment by revealing the client’s individual strengths and challenges more clearly. Additionally, psychological testing can create opportunities for a more streamlined approach to follow up services. Illinois Behavioral Health Group offers neuropsychological, psychological, and educational evaluations, as well as diagnostic screenings to assess for:

Illinois Behavioral Health Group offers testing services for several different presenting conditions across all ages. Most psychological testing is covered by health insurance. Illinois Behavioral Health Group accepts most private insurance carriers and will work with you to secure all necessary benefits whenever possible. If your insurance company cannot cover the services that you need, Illinois Behavioral Health Group will create a payment plan that is right for you. If you have already been previously tested, Illinois Behavioral Health Group invites you to share your evaluation results with us so that we can better serve your testing needs. Feel free to call us at (847) 329-9210 (select option 1) for more information or to schedule your testing services.